Bosch Repairs Top Tips

Avoid dishwasher odours

Using your Bosch dishwasher regularly will help to prevent odours which can be caused by excessive detergent build up. If an unpleasant odour has started to develop this can be treated by regularly rinsing the machine. You can also purchase dishwasher freshener tablets.

Call in the Bosch dishwasher repair experts

Many dishwasher repairs are complex and often components will need to be disassembled in order for faulty parts to be replaced. For this reason it is often best to call in the professionals and with repair services now offering fixed price repairs from around £100 it can also be a cost-effective option.

Loading a Bosch dishwasher for optimal performance

If you want sparkling dishes with every use then the way you load the dishwasher can make a big difference. The first thing to do, before you start loading the dishwasher, is to clear the dishes, cookware and cutlery of large waste.

Next, start to load the dishwasher. It is preferable to place the largest, most soiled items towards the bottom and the more fragile items such as glasses and cups in the top rack. Make sure that the spray arm is not obstructed and place all items with the most soiled side facing the water source.

Always place cutlery items in the cutlery basket, not on the racks and avoid overloading the dishwasher. For best results, ensure that there is enough room for water to rinse all surfaces. You may find it beneficial to use dishwasher tablets to remove stubborn stains, grease and burnt on food.

Bring back the sparkle

This is a great tip for keeping your glassware in tip top condition. Nobody wants dull and cloudy glasses; however this can be one of the problems that come with regular use of the dishwasher in hard water areas.

If your glassware has become cloudy and lost its sparkle then there is a simple test to see if hard water is the cause of the problem. Soak the cloudy glass in vinegar for a couple of minutes, if the cloudiness is removed from the glass then it indicates that mineral deposits are causing the problem. The good news is the problem is easily remedied; the first thing to do is to ensure that your dishwasher’s salt reservoir is complete full. If the salt reservoir isn’t up to capacity then top it up and don’t worry too much about overfilling. You could also try using a water soften product such as Calgon to improve dishwasher performance.

Check your Bosch dishwasher for a drain hose blockage…

If your dishwasher is leaking then a faulty drain hose could be to blame. This guide tells you how to examine the drain hose in your dishwasher to locate any blockages or tears that could be causing the problem.

1. Safety first. Make sure that the Bosch dishwasher is disconnected from the power and water supply.

2. Locate the drain hose on your machine. To gain access you will most likely need to remove the retaining screws which lower panel beneath the door in place.

3. There is likely to be two hoses, the drain hose runs between the pump and the sink drain and is about 1 and ½ “ in diameter.

4. The second hose is the recirculation hose. It can be worth checking this hose at the same time as a blockage can deteriorate your dishwasher rinsing performance.

5. Inspect the hose and connecting clamps for signs of a leak by feeling the length of the hose by hand. Also check for water on the ground directly beneath the hose connectors.

6. If the hose is wet then this indicates a faulty clamp or a tear in the hose.

7. To check for, and clear blockages you will need to remove the hose from the dishwasher and run water through it.

8. Replace the hose and clamps if they are faulty and reconnect.

You can purchase Bosch dishwasher drain hoses from BuySpares

If you would rather use a professional repair service, repaircare offer fixed price Bosch dishwasher repairs nationwide. They cover all areas of the UK including Bath, Crewe, Durham, Gloucester, Ipswich, Milton Keynes, Birmingham, Leeds, London, Manchester, Southampton & Plymouth. Alongside Bosch Dishwasher repairs, repaircare offer washing machine repairs, cooker repairs, fridge repairs, in fact repairs for almost all kitchen and home appliances.

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