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The dishwasher is a truly great invention but if it breaks the dishes can start piling up. In this section you will find a variety of Bosch dishwasher repair help including a list of common dishwasher problems and causes. Whether your dishwasher won’t empty, has stopped cleaning properly or has started to leak we hope you will find this information useful. Also in this section is information on buying Bosch dishwasher spare parts and booking a Bosch dishwasher repair.

Bosch Dishwasher Model Numbers

dishwasher If you are booking a Bosch Dishwasher repair or purchasing Bosch spare parts for your Dishwasher then you will need to know the model number.

To find your Bosch dishwasher model the first place to look is in the instruction manual. If this is not readily available you can also find the number on the appliance itself.

The first place to look is behind the dishwasher door, it maybe on the top edge or either of the sides. If the model number is not located here then you should try the kick strip, sides and rear of the appliance.



Stay Safe!

Repairing your own appliance if you aren’t qualified can be dangerous although there are some simple repairs that can be tackled. If in any doubt, don’t take the risk and contact a professional. Always ensure the appliance is unplugged and fully disconnected from the power supply before attempting any repairs.

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