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Common Bosch Washing Machine Faults

washer In this section you will find information on some of the most common Bosch washing machine problems and guidance on what the cause is likely to be. Although this is a good starting point for your Bosch washer repair, remember that a professional appliance technician will be able to provide a more in-depth diagnosis. This is designed as a guide to your Bosch washing machine repair. If you decide to look for a spare or request a repair, you will need the Model Number (see below for where to find it) Then when looking for the spare always start by choosing from  “The Model number listing”

Typical Bosch Washing Machine Problems:

The washing machine drum has stopped spinning

If the washing machine is still filling with water and it drains away correctly but the drum doesn’t turn then it may well be there is a problem with the belt. If the belt that drives the drum has slipped off of broken then it will stop the drum spinning. To correct this problem the belt needs to be re-fitted or replaced.

There are several other faults that could be causing the problem including the motor or something obstructing the drum. It can be quite easy to identify if the belt is the cause of your washing machine’s problem but diagnosing the other causes can be trickier and you may fid it easier to consult a professional.

The Bosch washing machine is leaking

This is a very common problem. The most likely cause of leaking from a washer is a problem with the door seal. If the door seal has worn or has a hole in it then water will pass through and run down the front of the washing machine below the door. If the door seal is the problem then it is best to replace. Leaks can also be caused be faults with other washing machine components such as the various hoses, the pump and seals.

The washer has become very noisy during use

This can become annoying over time and also indicates that there is a fault with the drum bearings. If you suspect that the drum bearings are worn, it is a good idea to get them repaired as soon as possible as it can affect other parts of your washer. If there is a problem with the bearings the drum may  feel loose on the bearing or there will often be a brown rusty stain towards the back of the machine. A noisy washer can also be due to loose components inside the machine or because the machine is not standing squarely on all four feet.

The Bosch washing machine door won’t open

If your door has jammed shut after use this is likely to be because the water has not completely drained away. It can be very frustrating especially if your laundry is trapped inside. If your machine is retaining water this could be due to a blockage or a pump failure. When the door jams it could also because the door interlock has jammed or the catch/handle has broken. Don’t be tempted to force the door open as this can cause more damage.

If you want to get the washing out of the machine and its still got water in it, then open the little trap door at the left hand bottom of front of the machine. you will need to put a pan or tray under the flap, to catch the water and then unscrew the filter gently only letting a small amount of water out at a time, as there will probably be 4 or 5 pints of water, before the machine is empty. You will then be able to turn the machine off and open the door. Then tell the engineer the problem when he calls.

Suspected hard water/limescale damage

Limescale is a real problem in washing machines. If you live in a hard water area than you should take steps to prevent limescale build up on the internal components, such as the heating element. Over time limescale damage can cause these components to fail and can shorten the lifespan of your machine. Limescale also affects drums, pipes and hoses. You can buy limescale and detergent remover here.

The Bosch washing machine leaks when not in use

If your Bosch washer is leaking slowly when not in use this is usually an indication that one of either the washers on the inlet hoses being faulty or the inlet hoses themselves being damaged, these will need to be replaced to complete your Bosch washing machine repair. There is always a small amount of water left in the sump of the washing machine after the wash cycle completes and this can leak out slowly over the course of a day or two.

Bosch Washing Machine Repairers

Many washer faults can be tricky to fix and for most people the best way to get it repaired is to contact a trained repairman to arrange your Bosch Washing Machine Repair.

It is important to choose a Bosch Washing Machine Repair Service with the expertise to get the job done at a competitive price. Please be aware that the prices quoted by many repair services do not include parts – which are often the most expensive element of the repair.

Repaircare are national and offer true fixed price repairs. This means the quoted price includes call out, labour and all parts!

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Bosch Repairs Top Tips

Bosch Washing Machine Maintenance

Taking good care of your Bosch washing machine will help to prolong the life of the appliance and help avoid future washing machine repairs. There are some simple things you can do after each wash to ensure your appliance stays in good condition. Washing machines can easily become clogged up with detergent, limescale and fluff from dirty laundry. You should inspect the detergent tray after the cycle has completed, clean down the door & door seal and clear the lint filter of debris.

Remember, limescale starts to build up from the very first wash!

If you live in a hard water area you need to take steps to protect your bosch washing machine. Hard water contains a larger quantity of dissolved minerals which, when heated or left to stand, form limescale – and this is where the problems start.

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Bosch Washer Spares

If you are a competent diy-er then there are some Bosch Washing Machine Repairs that you may be able to take care of yourself.

You can purchase a range of genuine Bosch spare parts for Bosch Washing Machine Repairs from online appliance spares retailer BuySpares including replacement:

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